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Giving As You Earn (GAYE)

If you earn a salary, or if your pension is paid via PAYE, making a commitment to giving doesn't get any simpler than Give As You Earn (GAYE).

How does it work?

With Give As You Earn - the UK ’s largest payroll giving scheme - you can give directly from your pre-tax salary, so money that would normally go to the taxman goes to charity instead.

You just decide how much you want to give each month - it could be a couple of pounds, or hundreds or thousands - and who you want to give it to. Then your donation comes out of your pay packet before the taxman touches it.

What are the benefits?

Myotubular Trust benefits because we know we've got money coming regularly and can plan what to do with it in the long term.

You benefit because you don’t pay any tax on the donations you make. If you’re a basic rate taxpayer, a gift of £5 only actually costs you £4 - so you can pass the tax relief on to the charity.

You can calculate the tax benefits you will make here with this helpful tool (provided by CAF).

Find out how you can Give As You Earn

How do I give?

Give As You Earn is incredibly flexible – you can give as much or as little as you like, and change how you give and who you give to whenever you like.

To join Give As You Earn your employer will need to be running a scheme. Find out if your employer offers Give As You Earn, or ask CAF to contact them if they don’t.

You can find out more information or to sign up to Give As You Earn here at the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website.