Myotubular Trust Christmas Cards


Buy from a selection of 13 different designs of Christmas cards, each beautifully designed by someone affected by myotubular myopathy.

See our Christmas Cards page for full details and to start shopping.

Spend and Raise - Christmas Shop On The Internet High Street!


Visit 'Spend and Raise' and start your Christmas shopping!‘

SPEND AND RAISE ’ is an established ‘virtual’ Shopping Mall, enabling you to shop easily at High Street stores with a contribution from each store being paid to the Myotubular Trust on every single purchase. Whether you are ordering all your Christmas gifts, weekly groceries; booking your next family holiday or selecting the latest high-tech gizmo, you’ll find it all here. So next time you make an online purchase: just remember to click through the store link on ‘Spend and Save’ first, and to be recognised as one of our supporters.

Happy shopping!

Give Something Different This Christmas? 'Gift' A Charity Donation To Help Us Find Strength


Would you like to make a regular payment or a one-off donation to the Myotubular Trust, as a Gift to someone this Christmas?

To make a regular donation of any amount, please download a standing order form here. Or you can make a one-off donation here. Then simply contact us with the amount you are donating to Myotubular Trust. We will be pleased to take care of the rest, by sending your gift recipient(s) a personalised gift card with any personal message from you together with details of the amount you have donated to help us find strength.

Alternatively, you can choose to send details of your gift with any personal message yourself by selecting one of our free Myotubular Trust e-cards, here .

If you would prefer, you can set up a standing order, or make a donation directly via your own online banking using the following details:
Account: Myotubular Trust
Bank: Co-Op Bank Limited
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account No: 65200858

Please note: £3 a month is a suggested donation.

Commission or Buy Georgina's Art


If you buy from or commission Georgina to make you some of her beautiful award-winning ceramic art pieces, she has kindly offered to donate a percentage of the sale to the Myotubular Trust. Georgina, who was born with centronuclear myopathy, is fast becoming a well recognised ceramic artist since graduating from Hereford College of Art in 2010 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Applied Arts.

Georgina's beautiful artwork is inspired by fairy tales, imagination and the surreal. Georgina says "I take something and make it into something like from a dream". You can read her biography here.

To buy some of Georgina's artwork please contact her directly by email

You may also wish to visit Georgina's shop at 'Seek & Adore' for purchase inspiration, and to see which of her art pieces are currently available for sale. Please note however, that you will need to contact Georgina directly by her email address with your purchase enquiries in order for the Myotubular Trust to benefit from the donation arrangement. Thank you.

Sukhi-Lou's Just Jewellery

Sukhi has a range of necklaces for sale now, or can make to order on request.


Are you looking for a beautiful and very personal gift for someone special? Sukhi, who has a form of myotubular myopathy is making and selling her beautiful hand-made beaded necklaces and other jewellery as personal gifts, giving 50% of her profit to the Myotubular Trust!

Sukhi has a number of beautiful colours and designs in her range, and will even make to order (2 weeks' notice required). If you would like more details please visit her Sukhi-Lou's Just Jewellery Facebook page or please email Sukhi with a direct enquiry at the following email address:



Personalised ID bracelets, dummy rings and key rings


Rachel Wrigley lives in Barnsley in the UK and has two sons diagnosed with x-linked myotubular myopathy, Regan aged 9 and Marconi, aged 7.

Rachel has recently started fundraising for the Myotubular Trust by making children's id bracelets, keyrings and personalised dummy clips.

Making bracelets and dummy clips is a hobby of mine and I recently started to sell them as a way of fundraising for the Myotubular Trust, to help find a cure for myotubular myopathy, not just for my boys but for others with the condition too. I thought why not do something I enjoy doing and help a good cause.

I make them using ribbon and beads and sometimes I put little charms on them depending on what the buyer wants. I've also made some using elastic.

All of the profits raised from my sales will be donated to the Myotubular Trust. My aim is to raise £500. Both the dummy clips and the bracelets cost £2.50 and postage is £1.00 but the more the people buy the less postage there will pay.

Visit Rachel's eBay pages for more information Children's id bracelets / Personalised dummy clip


At only £2.50 each, you can now buy children's or adult size wristbands. Great to sell at a fundraising event too!

Visit our Wristbands page for more information and to start shopping.